Carina Becher’s music radiates warmth with an authentic, timeless sound and her soulfully powerful voice. The singer recorded her new album “Indigo” at home in collaboration with her musical partner Julius Krüger. Despite the humble means of a home recording, her songs come alive with delicately imaginative arrangements and remarkable English lyrics. Tales – the small and the big ones – of human connection are told with metaphorical beauty, yet leaving ample room for interpretation by the listener.

Her songs are written and composed by Carina herself for guitar and piano. With creative input from multi-instrumentally gifted Julius they are turned into sometimes fragile, sometimes bold arrangements. They are the fruit of labour of many months, in which Carina and Julius crafted and polished their ideas. The deep friendship resulting from the process is reflected in the warmth and the heartbeat of the music.

Still, the musical autodidact with the memorable voice is not chasing a career in music. “All I want is to play my songs and make them accessible to people. I don’t want to commercialise what I’m doing.” She prefers the intimate vibe of home concerts and smaller stages to gigs in front of large crowds. Influenced by the likes of Angus and Julia Stone, Ryan Adams and Anna Ternheim, Carina Becher walks the path of big singer-songwriters, taking her audience with her on forays into the depths of her soul.